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We specialize in our famous Red Poodles. Raised homeopathically, my precious, precocious, and prespoiled babies are available in most colors, specializing in brilliant Red, Black, Chocolate Brown, Black/White Parti and Red/White Parti. As an AKC and UKC dog breeder, I offer Toy, Tiny-Toy, Teacup and Miniature Poodle puppies for sale to show homes and for agility and companion pets.

Only a long-respected Toy and Miniature Poodle Breeder with over 30 years of breed refinement knows and breeds for all the special conformation features highly-sought for show breeding of Toy Poodles (such as ears shape and angles, head, eyes, jaw and teeth standards.) The body shape and aspect ratios are crucial, with fine points clear down to feet and toes. These standards prove purity of breeding and genetics that indicate health and behavior disposition of the Toy, Tiny Toy or Minature Poodle.

30 Years of Classic Elegance

30 Years of Classic Elegance

30 Years of Classic Elegance

30 Years of Classic Elegance

30 Years of Classic Elegance
  • The Poodles most outstanding characteristics are its intelligence and Sense of humor!
  • Once most people have experienced a Poodle they seldom go to another breed.
  • Poodles are highly intelligent and the best canine companion you can have. Poodles are very loyal to their humans.
  • Poodle owner's are very loyal to their breed and do not think twice about telling you how great the Poodle is.
  • See images of puppies from conception to birth.
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Champion Sweet Soda

Champion Rosaline's Sweet Soda

Rosaline's Sweet Soda Completed his Championship on September 6, 2002.

Soda is our home-bred little red boy and was expertly shown and conditioned by Kaz Hosaka, 2002 (BIS) Westminster Best in Show Winner! Thank You Kaz for finding "Soda" worthy!

New Puppies

New Puppies

Beautiful new puppies for sale.

New Puppies

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Rosaline developed and refined the Toy Red Poodle breed, producing champions and sires of champions. Her red, black and light colored Poodles are bred by like-color for various reasons. Her pure light colors range from white, cream and apricot. The Toy Red Poodle is distinct in its various colors centered on classical red ranging from gorgeous light apricot to deep Mahogony red. Rosaline's red Toy Poodles served as the source for extension of red into the standard Poodle size since 1980. Rosaline began her journey into red Poodle breeding in 1968, and follows a like-color breeding philosophy to aid color continuation. See Rosaline's history and methods and love of Poodles in her About Us page.

Rosaline has developed more than distinct purebred colors in toy Poodles, but has preserved a special quality of toy Poodle personality only seen in champion breed lines. Rosaline's Red Poodles and her other Toy Poodles retain these important behavior and intelligence traits that make them not only show-stoppers and conversation pieces, but the kind of pets and show animals that are a joy to behold and to live and share joyful moments with. Rosaline's record of Champions and reputation as the premier breeder of Toy, Tiny Toy and Teacup Poodles is your assurance that you are getting the real thing, the original show quality of a top line of wonderful high-quality dogs.

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Hi Rosaline,

Sometimes I think Poodles imprint and bond with their owner!! This baby is a joy. I have had one black, one 4 lb. red, Luce and now Sassi. Sassy she is too!! I have loved all of them but Sassi seems to have the best of all of them. Read More...

- Dana